Redclaw Growout Farming—
A Theoretical-Practical Training Course

Technology Transfer

Significant effort has been made to develop scientific knowledge through research associated to the different phases of the production technology, which guarantees operation consistency and success. Technology has been improved, optimised and validated at the commercial scale over thirty (30) years at different farms in Australia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Requirements for an efficient technology transfer:

  1. A comprehensive set of confidential documents, manuals and software tools are provided to the participant and/or to its selected trained personnel, covering every step of the production process.
    • On-site consultancy* can be arranged during the first two years of the business development, covering significant milestones in design, building, stocking and managing, as well as harvesting and first sales to market.
    • Support for onsite selection of personnel and exhaustive training can be offered to reduce the learning curve.
    • Remote consultancy* is offered through operation report analysis, weekly virtual meetings and personalised contact.
* On-site consultancy and remote consultancy can be had as a post-course extras.

A Theoretical-Practical Training Course

A science-based approach

Our previous experience in Australia, Ecuador and Mexico shows that information transfer is very effective through a theoretical-practical course that condenses over 30 years of high-quality scientific research on the biology of Cherax quadricarinatus

This information is associated to more than 40 peer-reviewed international scientific publications, more than 20 graduate research theses, and more than 200 international conferences at aquaculture meetings. 

Our focused culture technology development and optimisation for Redclaw, is backed by commercial operation experiences in Australia, Ecuador and Mexico, that has resulted in national and international awards, patented technologies and a proven model for sustainable culture production.

Your Instructor

The course is led by Professor Humberto Villarreal, who obtained his PhD from Queensland University in 1989 and has more than 40 years of experience as lecturer, lead scientist in crustacean aquaculture research. He has been Director of the Aquaculture Program at CIBNOR, the premier Aquaculture Research Centre in America, and General Manager of BioHelis.

The Innovation and Technology Park at CIBNOR. Prof. Villarreal is a Director of the World Aquaculture Society and Section Editor for their recognized scientific Journal (JWAS). He has been in charge of the implementation and development of commercial farms in several countries, and served as General Manager at Navimar, the largest Redclaw crayfish farm in the world, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, during implementation, start-up and escalation phases.

Prof Humberto Villareal

Objectives of the Training Course

  • Disseminate knowledge on the biology of Redclaw as an ideal species for aquaculture;
  • Provide information about production strategies for the species;
  • Evaluate different economic variables to assess culture profitability;
  • Provide information related to national and international market perspectives and commercialization strategies;
  • Condense information in a production manual to facilitate knowledge transfer.
  • Offer a consulting program strategy to investors, government official and farmers to consolidate the application of state-of-the-art information presented at the course related to commercial culture innovation.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at aquaculture professionals, potential investors, existing growout farmers who wish to upgrate their  and would-be redclaw growout farmers.

How much does the practical training course cost?

The expected cost of the training course is AUD$ 2,500 per person. A minimum of 15 attendees is necessary for the course to officially open. 

When and where will the training course take place?

Initially, the training course was scheduled for Mid 2021. Now, COVID-19 travel restrictions permitting, the course will take place in an established redclaw crayfish farm in North Queensland. We are looking at a zoom option in case COVID-19 restrictions go beyond mid 2021. 

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