Calling Upon Investors

Our Challenge

For years we’ve been hired as consultants by crayfish growers in Australia and South East Asia. Working closely with growers we’ve identified what we believe to be the one major stumbling block of the crayfish industry: an acute shortage of egg supply. Compounding the problem are the unusually high mortality rates, poor survival rates and unpredictable yield affecting planning, marketing and profitability down the supply chain.

Our Solution

A world-first, state-of-the-art hatchery, which within three years of hard work we have turned into a revolutionary working system that solves real problems, creates measurable value for our customers and which have now the potential to scale to very large markets.

Why Invest in Us?

Because first and foremost we’re a hard-working, realistic bunch, who understand what it takes to make things happen.  We patiently combined science, common sense, expertise, passion and dedication and came up with innovative solutions and unique technology, all unrivalled both locally and globally.


We’ve innovated the whole hatching and larval rearing process, every step of the way and left no stone unturned.

Integrated Solution

A world-first, multi-stage integrated solution, covering multiple aspects, including diagnosis, disease management, feeding, and breeding.​

Applied Science

Using science we revolutionised the Redclaw hatching and larval rearing process to produce healthier, genetically superior craylings.

Growth Potential

Using science we revolutionised the Redclaw hatching and larval rearing process to produce healthier, genetically superior craylings.



From Little Things Big Things Grow!

By far our most important achievement is the removal of major stumbling blocks and myriad inneficiencies characterising the freshwater crayfish industry worldwide, be it breeding, hatching and rearing. Given adequate funding, we stand to double, if not tripple the yield and profitability of all stakeholders down the supply chain.

Why Australian Redclaw

Superior to all other freshwater crayfish in more ways than one. More resilient and faster growing than all other crayfish.

A Chef's Favourite

A definite chefs’ favourite for its stunning culinary presentation. The radiant red claw is hugely popular in China.

Global Demand

Literally insatiable. Estimated demand in China alone exceeds hundreds of thousands of tonnes per year.

A Business Class Market

A business class/fine cuisine product. A target market least affected by economic ups and downs.

Making it Happen

We know what to do and how to do it. Now we need an urgent injection of funds to erect our hi-tech indoor climate-controlled breeding facility to provide our hatchery with much needed, high-quality, eggs all year around from broodstock that are naturally selected for their superior genetics

Why Now? Why You?

Industry disrupters enjoy substantial competitive edge lasting for years after launch.

Become part of a world-first solution that is readily scalable with substantial growth potential.

A solid investment with long-term positive yield for years to come. We predict the ROI to exceed many folds the initial outlay within a relatively short period.

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The ACH Solution—Important Points to Consider

In a nutshell:

Ours is a game-changing solution with a strong proprietary IP that improves ‘vital signs’ readings considerably. In the main, we’ve lowered mortality rates significantly, increased survival rates convincingly, which combine to produce healthier, antibiotic-free and pathogen-specific free craylings (crayfish hatchlings), and ultimately translating into appreciable benefits for all stakeholders down the supply chain.

We estimate the barrier of entry for competitors to be quite high. To date, we haven’t come across a similar initiative as comprehensive or as successful as ours. Overall, we are realistic about competition, but at the same time we are confident and competent enough to handle any threat.

The ACH solution addresses a large, global market. It isn’t focusing on a small or highly competitive markets; instead, it addresses a multibillion dollar opportunity, with a strong potential for scalability and cross-species/platform applicability.

A management team that can be trusted to get it done — A committed, well-educated, competent and realistic bunch of doers/achievers, who are willing to learn, and are equipped with good common sense and embrace change at all levels.

Though the core of our activity in the past three years was focused on research and development, we started selling craylings literally from day one, albeit not at quantities we either planned or wished for, mainly due for the very reason for which we entered this venture in the first place, namely the acute shortage of egg supply.

Be that as it may, ACH has attracted commercialisation and research grants from both public and private sector.

To become the world leader in hatching and larval rearing of freshwater crayfish species.

In a nutshell selling premium craylings prioritising overseas markets, IP licenses, cross-species applications, and process related by-products.

We’re looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with investors. Above and beyond funding, we are keen to learn in what way can investors help us strategically, be it management, connections, networking, marketing, or a special expertise ACH can benefit from.

To make it happen, we require a modest, low-intensity capital investment. Simply put, once the breeding facility operates at full throttle, scalability can be readily implemented worldwide.

We are seeking funds to be invested primarily in substance and not in trappings. We rather see our breeding facility becoming a reality sooner rather than later. Note that ACH is debt free and have no pending legal issues associated with it.

We firmly believe that once the establishment or sales of breeding facilities around the world start gaining traction, ACH will become highly attractive for large food corporations to step in for a buyout, a move we support wholeheartedly.