Celebrating Xmas 2019 at ACH

Xmas at ACH this year was a feast of culinary exuberance!

No less than six different mouthwatering recipes with which to celebrate what we consider to be a very successful year, the limelight of which was without a doubt the Fish 2.0 Top Innovator Award ACH received in early November in Palo Alto USA. There, ACH competed against well over 200 candidates from around the world, only to climb up to the second stage with 40 other competitors, out of which only seven were awarded the prestigious award.

Present were ACH founders, their families and friends, all enjoying Lisa’s MasterChef’s performance, boasting no less than six recipes (stay tuned for the recipes in a near future blog).

Needless to say, the exuberant redclaw was the top item on the menu. Garlic, Thai sauce, Chilli sauce, tempura, wine and beers, all combined to spread the love and that true Xmas spirit. Cheers!

Lisa delivers a MasterChef performance with six different redclaw crayfish recipes
redclaw delicately marinated with an heavenly garlicky cocktail

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