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Top Innovator Honor at Fish 2.0 2019

Top Innovator Honor at Fish 2.0 Global Forum Australian Crayfish Hatchery Earns Top Innovator Honor at Fish 2.0 Global Forum. Entrepreneurs from all over the world showcase aquaculture, technology and supply chain solutions aimed at solving sustainable seafood challenges.   PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 7, 2019—Australian Crayfish Hatchery was among Six companies from four countries

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What’s wrong with current redclaw crayfish stocking practices?

Known Inefficiencies with Current Stocking Practices Stocking numbers are dependent on the numbers of berried females, which makes it difficult to predict stocking numbers.Current stocking practices are not conducive to control of genetics, which leads to inbreeding issues. There’s neither control nor accurate information on stocking density, size variations or survival rates, which respectively and

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Several ways in which ACH can benefit the Australian economy

Several ways in which ACH can benefit the Australian economy The Townsville-based Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) is a small enterprise with big dreams. And while its goals might sound presumptuous to begin with, they aren’t that far from reality. ACH’s main goal is to revolutionise and rationalise the Australian redclaw crayfish industry. And in doing

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Redclaw Crayfish Opens in Townsville

CHRISTIE ANDERSON, Townsville Bulletin
January 18, 2017 8:49am A COMMERCIAL redclaw hatchery that could revolutionise the farming of freshwater crayfish has opened in Townsville. The hatchery has been set up in a 553sq m warehouse at Mount St John after its owners searched for months for a suitable location to house the groundbreaking operation. The hatchery

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Redclaw Crayfish Aquaculture Down Under

Redclaw Crayfish Aquaculture Down Under  Redclaw crayfish aquaculture in Australia has been recognized as a new and developing animal Industry by the Rural Industries Research and Development Committee (RIRDC) and more than eight years of research has been funded by the organization to assist with industry growth. The major constraint to the growth of the

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Announcing ACH’s First Commercial Delivery of Redclaw Craylings

ACH is happy to report the delivery of its first commercial batch of redclaw craylings to an Australian production farm. The farmer reported that the craylings arrived in excellent condition with no mortalities and he is confident that he will achieve an outstanding crop. This is a first step in our journey for a brighter,

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