Stock Your Ponds with the World's Healthiest Australian Redclaw Craylings!

Celebrate with us our first homegrown generation of premium craylings with a whopping 20% discount*.

Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) Redclaw Craylings

You can now order the world's only antibiotic-free, SPF
redclaw craylings (crayfish hatchlings) all year around.

With its newly established indoor, climate controlled, vertical breeding facility, Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) is now able to supply you withSPF redclaw hatchlings all year around.

Here’s why you should seriously consider switching to ACH’s ‘Batch-in, Batch-out’ (BIBO), same age, same size, disease-free premium hatchlings, with which to stock your ponds:

Explore the Benefits of Batch IN / Batch Out Supply

  • Optimize your resources;
  • Free hitherto unproductive ponds;
  • Streamline your production,
  • Plan reliably for growth;
  • Better serve your customers, and,
  • Increase your profitability.
A crayling (baby reclaw crayfish) under the microscope

Secure Your Supply—Order in Advance

Minimum orders: We sell in batches of 10,000 craylings, which is the standard number for stocking one  20 x 50 metres (22 x 54 yards) pond. As a rule, we request all buyers to place written orders at least four (4) weeks prior to their requested delivery as redclaw hatchlings are typically ‘cultured to order’.

Volume Discount Pricing: Typically, large orders (e.g. in excess of 100,000 craylings) will qualify for  volume discount. Note that fully-paid advanced orders (i.e. 6 to 12 months in advance) will qualify for volume discount. Contact us for details


By law, the sale of craylings is limited to permit holders only. Grow-out farmers holding a current license are welcome to order using the ordering form below. We advise all other applicants to approach their respective authorities for a relevant permit. 

Crayfish Hatchery

Dr Lisa Elliot in ACH's diagnostics lab
Dr Elliott is happy with the latest diagnostics

The Australian Crayfish Hatchery is the world’s most advanced of its kind.

Here we regularly deploy the latest disease monitoring and management techniques, resulting in proven significant decrease in mortality rates, increased survival rates, and overall healthier, antibiotic- free and and specific pathogen-free redclaw crayfish for the benefit of all stakeholders down the supply chain, be they growers, restaurateurs and consumers. 

We Hatch Craylings

Redclaw crayfish undergo several larval stages after hatching before reaching a stage that resembles a tiny crayfish. This is the first juvenile stage of the crayfish and is termed the crayling stage (previously termed S3J). Each crayling is approximately 0.02g and 10mm.
ACH sells disease-free premium hatchlings to grow-out farmers the world over.

Craylings? redclaw crayfish hatchlings
Redclaw hatchlings by the hundreds

What Sets Us Apart?

Superior Broodstock

We source our eggs from selectively bred redclaw for superior growth and disease resistance and hatched at ACH’s state-of-the-art hatchery facility.

Biosecure Lab

We carefully monitor and control water quality, health and disease management onsite in a specialised, purpose built, customized biosecure laboratory.

Antibiotics-free Craylings

Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) do not use antibiotics to treat eggs, making our crayfish hatchlings the safest and healthiest for human consumption

Pathogen-Free Craylings

At ACH we culture craylings in a pathogen-free, state-of-the-art hatchery facility—the first and most advanced of its kind in the world

Same age/size batches

ACH supplies redclaw hatchlings in batches of the same age/size, thus significantly reducing size variations at harvest.

Batch-in, Batch-out

ACH supply craylings in batches suitable for stocking individual ponds, thus eliminating much of the costs associated with current stocking methods.


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