Welcome to ACH, The Australian Redclaw Crayfish Hatchery

ACH is the home of the world’s most advanced redclaw crayfish hatchery, producing the healthiest, antibiotic-free, specific pathogen free (SPF), fastest-growing Australian Redclaw crayfish (Cherax Quadricarinatus) craylings.

Australian Crayfish Hatchery Earns Top Innovator Award at Fish 2.0 Global Forum. Palo Alto, USA, November 2019

Australian Redclaw Crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus) or simply Redclaw is the crayfish species we hatch at ACH.

The Australian Redclaw crayfish is native to freshwater streams and lakes of Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia. A highly fertile and very tolerant of a broad range of environmental conditions and changes, The redclaw is also known to have a simple reproductive cycle and fast growth rates. As such, it has became a highly-popular aquaculture for commercial farming.

the Australian Redclaw Crayfish have a host of biological characteristics that make them a suitable species for aquaculture. They grow quickly, breed naturally in ponds and have a simple life cycle.

In Queensland, the industry is well developed and redclaw are relatively economical to produce. Production technology is simple and redclaw can be sold as live, cooked or frozen product. Queensland redclaw is recognised both domestically and internationally as a safe and healthy product.

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