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Redclaw Crayfish—Investment Opportunities

for the 2020s and beyond

Today, with the completion of stage one of ACH’s fully-integrated crayling production facility, Australia has a unique opportunity to develop a highly professional and profitable state-of-the-art Redclaw growout farming industry. It hosts native stocks and divergent cultured lines of the species, has significant production experience, an unbeaten record for environmental consciousness, and an impeccable reputation in international markets for quality food products. We call it: “The Redclaw Opportunity”. 

What is The Redclaw Opportunity?

With an ever-increasing and insatiable demand for redclaw crayfish worldwide, exceptional investment opportunities abound.

In the words of Mike Rubino from NOAA Fisheries: “Redclaw can become for Australia’s aquaculture industry what mussels are for New Zealand”. There’s no doubt, Redclaw can become a game changer for the aquaculture industry Down Under.

Australia has the land, the climate, the water, and now with the help of Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) the know-how and technologies to become a redclaw crayfish superpower

“Redclaw can become for Australia what Mussels are for New Zealand”.
Fish 2.0 2019 Top Innovators: David Cutler, CEO and cofounder, Fortuna; Monica Jain, founder and executive director, Fish 2.0; Lisa Elliott, managing director, Australian Crayfish Hatchery; Clifford Bradley, partner, Montana Microbial Products; Anton Trantin, CEO, Yorso; Liane Thompson, CEO, Aquaai; Jayson Berryhill, co-founder, Wholechain

Redclaw Main Characteristics

  • Fast growth rate
  • Simple nutritional requirements
  • Ease of reproduction
  • Adaptability to a variety of water quality conditions
  • Tolerance to high culture densities
  • Considerable market acceptance

redclaw Investment Opportunities

The Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) is proud to initiate the Redclaw Opportunity campaign both nationally and internationally. Within the campaign, ACH announces three main investment opportunities: The ACH IP, the ACH Redclaw Farm, the ACH Fishmeal-free Feed, and ACH the company, all of which constitute unique investment opportunities.


Dr Lisa Elliott concludes yet another successful round of water quality experiments for redclaw

The Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) is proud to announce the ACH IP,  a fully integrated turn-key solution, involving world-first, state-of-the-art hatchery, larval rearing and vertical breeding technologies, which can be readily implemented anywhere in the world within a short period of time. MIR

The ACH 'Redclaw Farm'

Australia is best positioned to become the world’s premier supplier of redclaw crayfish.

Invest today in a redclaw crayfish farm so as to guarantee positive long-term yield and returns. You may want to consider investing in ACH’s redclaw farm, investing in your own farm or converting an existing paddock into a redclaw crayfish farm. ACH is putting the final touches to the most advanced redclaw farming course. 

ACH Fishmeal Free Feed

ACH says NO to fishmeal. Instead, it developed Entomix, its own insect-based protein rich feed.
ACH is seeking reliable partners to manufacture its proprietary fishmeal free feed, Entomix, with which to conquer consumer and commercial world markets, Entomix is insect-based, protein-rich, feed that has proved successful in enriching the diet of its crayfish in ways unknown hitherto, and improving their health overall.

Invest In ACH

From little things big things grow. 

ACH with all its breakthrough innovative technologies  holds the key to transform the redclaw industry into an exporting powerhouse. Of late, we are experiencing a considerable surge in demand and expressions of interest in our technologies. The demand for our know-how will only increase as we go forward. Invest in us today!

Disease-free redclaw eggs & craylings


Objective: Forward-looking investors to set up major outposts around the world to secure steady/sufficient supply of healthy craylings all year around

The ACH IP is now a fully integrated system that can be readily implemented anywhere and anytime (due to climate, water and feed control). The ACP IP is a true ‘Redclaw Opportunity’ winner.

Main Competitive Advantage

By implementing the ACH IP, investors will produce healthy, more resilient craylings that are antibiotic free, specific pathogen free (SPF) in batches of known size and age for stocking ponds. 

Using ACH’s IP, investors the world over can supply districts, counties, states even whole countries with any number of healthy craylings with which to stock production ponds year around.

Full licenses for the IP can be purchased on a per country basis in three ways:
  • Exclusive license
  • Sole license
  • Non-exclusive
* The ACH IP would typically be of interest to international investors wishing to set up a fully integrated hatchery and breeding facility close to markets in south east Asia and beyond.

Investment Sought: 2 to 8.5 million AUD

The ACH Redclaw Growout Farm Opportunity

Objective:  Forward-looking investors to supply global unmet demand for years to come. 

With the completion of its SOTA hatchery and breeding facility, ACH now shifts its focus to growout farming. The vertical integration into growout farming  is a natural progression from solving two of the redclaw industry main impediments to date: egg and craylings supply at numbers and quality all year around. Now it is time for ACH to take a leading role in modern, high intensity redclaw growout farming. 

To truly grasp the spirit of the Redclaw Opportunity and become a world leader in redclaw export, Australia needs to quadruple the number of redclaw growout farms in the next five years.

ACH calls for investment in a Redclaw growout farm:

  1. Invest in a Townsville-based redclaw growout farm managed by ACH for a set period of 10 years*, while maintaining full ownership of the farm and equity in ACH;

Summary Business Plan for Redclaw Growout Farm

ACH provide interested parties, wishing to invest in a farm or convert existing land into a crayfish growout farm, a summary business plan, as as links to other resources, with which to glean the whys and whats of their future investment. 

* —ACH will manage the farm on investors’ behalf for a period of 10 years, after which management reverts back to owners. 
**—ACH is currently putting the final touches to its world-class training program (theory and practice) for people wishing to invest in their own redclaw growout farming.

Investment Estimate: 3.5 to 6 million AUD.