What Sets Our Hatchery Apart?

Superior Broodstock

Eggs are sourced from selectively bred redclaw for superior growth and disease resistance and hatched at ACH’s state-of-the-art hatchery facility.

Biosecure Lab

Water quality, health and disease management are carefully monitored and controlled onsite in a specialised, purpose built, customized biosecure laboratory.

Antibiotics-free Craylings

Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) do not use antibiotics to treat eggs, making our craylings the safest and healthiest for human consumption

Pathogen-Free Craylings

ACH craylings are cultured in a pathogen-free, state-of-the-art hatchery facility—the first of its kind in the world

Same age/size batches

ACH craylings are supplied in batches of the same age/size, thus significantly reducing size variations at harvest.

Batch-in, Batch-out' Stocking Method

ACH supplies craylings in batches suitable for stocking individual ponds, thus eliminating many of the costs associated with current stocking methods.