Our Craylings


Crayling Production is ACH's Core Expertise

The Townsville-based Australian Crayfish Hatchery, in short ACH, sets a world standard in Redclaw crayling production, covering all aspects involved in the hatching process, including sourcing, selection, diagnostics, disease management, feeding, larvae rearing, storage and shipping to customers nationwide and globally.  

All craylings leaving ACH’s premises to grow-out farmers are healthy, disease-free, antibiotic-free, and overall more resilient than any known craylings out there.  

Why Purchase Craylings from ACH?

We’ve been selling craylings both to local and overseas farmers since 2016. Over and beyond all the advantages featured in ACH’s lab, here’s why you should seriously consider switching to ACH’s ‘Batch-in, Batch-out’ (BIBO), same age, same size, disease-free premium craylings, with which to stock your ponds

  • Optimize your resources;
  • Improve your productivity;
  • Plan reliably for growth;
  • Improve your profitability.

Ordering ACH's Premium Craylings

Minimum orders: We sell in batches of 10,000 craylings, which is the standard number for stocking one  20 x 50 metres pond. As a rule, we request all buyers to place written orders at least four (4) weeks prior to their requested delivery as craylings are typically ‘cultured to order’.

Volume Discount Pricing: Typically, large orders (e.g. in excess of 100,000 craylings) will qualify for  volume discount. Note that fully-paid advanced orders (i.e. 6 to 12 months in advance) will qualify for volume discount. Contact us for details. We’ll do our best to accomodate your requirements.


By law, the sale of craylings is limited to permit holders only. Grow-out farmers holding a current license are welcome to order using the ordering form below. We advise all other applicants to approach their respective council for a relevant permit.